Friday, April 4, 2008

new award

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Monday, March 31, 2008

blog awards

yehey! i did receive an award from several blogging friends,
Now, I'm posting it all here since I don't want to clog my old blog with tags and memes BUT definitely I truly appreciate them and I sincerely appreciate their thoughtfulness.

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and now I'm rollin these tagging thing to caca, weng's thing and mommy liza. hope you'll enjoy posting it also :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Holy Week, how do we celebrate it?

Every once in a year, a whole week is designated to be holy to commemorate the day when Jesus Christ sacrificed His life to free us from our sins. It starts on Palm Sunday and ends on Black Saturday. At present, Filipinos, especially the Catholics, have their own unique way of celebrating Holy Week. Some have themselves hang on the cross while other hurt themselves until blood drip from their skins.

I have once witnessed a practice like this. Number of barefooted guys walked the roadside with their faces covered, except their eyes, while slamming into their back a bundle of nails and needles. What I witnessed neither shocked me nor won pity from my heart. I don’t know the reason but maybe I do not see the sincerity in their hearts.

Some spend the whole day and night for prayers. Some spend their Holy Week vacations on the beaches or provinces. Some are just contented to stay home, like me.

No matter how each and everyone celebrate Holy Week, I wish that we’ll be able to reminisce Jesus Christ’s love for all of us. I hope that it will be spent to activities that is worthy in the eyes of God. I hope that the true spirit of Holy Week be observed especially on Good Friday.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why Do I Love Coffee?

Since childhood, drinking coffee had been part of my morning routine.

Early in the morning, the aroma of the coffee boiling from the kitchen wakes me up for a new day. With a cup of coffee and some pieces of pandesal, my family and I would gather surround a bonfire prepared outside the house. This is our fun way of warming ourselves from the coldness of the breeze. While enjoying our coffee, every one of us would share a story. Sometimes we talk about household choirs, sometimes we talk about politicians, and most of the time we talk about current events. From there, my grandfather would teach us values to keep and guide our acts. While having fun and pondering on every thought, the cocks would join us as they crow.

The coffee time in the morning would only end when the rays of the sunrise would shine upon us. From there the usual daily duties begin, cleaning the house, eating and preparing for school or work.

In the afternoon, we would gather in front of the television. We enjoy sipping our coffee as much as we enjoy watching an anime or a news program on TV.

From there, coffee had been, has and will be a part of my life not because the taste satisfies me but because it reminds me of many people I had drunk with and it reminds me of all things that my departed grandfather had taught us.